Top Billing

Top Billing
Top Billing
Top Billing – Here you will find detailed reviews on your favorite albums, movies, and titles giving credit where credit is due.
Top Billing. In order to tell this story, I’m going to take things back a bit. Back in March 2012, I release an entry titled, “Top Billing – Top 25 Bosses” which selectively showcased a list of Bosses from all across the board. Part homage, part satire, this entry would eventually serve as the foundation for a feature I’ve been anxiously been anticipating to release through
We all have opinions, that much is true. As a matter of fact, can be seen as one, massive forum of my opinions. Still, I feel as though this can definitely be seen as a means for me to share my opinions while still establishing the fact that they are–at the least, the majority of them–are backed up by fact. This, my friends, is the background of what “Top Billing” is all about.
Starting from a more mature tone than “Top Billing – Top 25 Bosses,” I want to feature albums, movies, series, and titles in a way where you, the reader, can see what I look for when approaching different things. While I am open to the prospect of requests, I definitely have the concept of what will be featured in the long run ready for action.
By doing this, I will be able to allow others to know what catches my eye in a unique way: There is no set rating system, nor will I go out of my way to feature entries of titles that are obviously in the running of being considered the worst abominations of mankind. That and I’ll try my best not to be too bias with these entries too. After all, there would be no point of me putting out entries basically praising the things that interest me again, and again, and again..Though I say this now.

Top Billing: Man of Steel
Top Billing: Superman II

Top Billing: The Notorious B.I.G.

Top Billing: Kingdom Come
Top Billing: Iron Man III
Top Billing: Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver
Top Billing: Rihanna
Top Billing: Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator

If you would like more information or have any suggestions of your own, feel free to contact yours truly and maybe something will go from there.

©Copyright | R.Nazaire

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